Gattaca — Human Knows No Bounds

Do you wan’t to know how I did it?

This is how I did it. I never saved anything for the swim back.

Those words propagates and hitting my eardrum few days ago when I watch a movie, Gattaca. The setting is in the future, where humans are categorized based on their gene potential. There are discrimination againts genes. The ones that has high grade gene, are treated special. They were living in a place called Gattaca. There, best of the best humans are trained and selected for a space exploration program. They have to endure rigorous training for years.

But it’s not about the future or the space setting that makes this movie special. It’s about dream of one particular human. The one that was predicted when he was born, that he will die young, having a bad heart. Unlike his superior younger brother that was born using gene selection. He’s surely won’t be accepted in Gattaca. But he always had a dream to go to space. That’s where the movie unfold it’s true story. He’s breaking in into Gattaca by impersonating someone else. Someone who has high grade gene.

Physical appearance can be faked. Getting the same haircut. Scrubbing your body everyday to remove any dead skin that can be used to detect false DNA. Hiding blood and urine samples under your clothes and skin every day in case of DNA check. Even, extending his own leg — by cutting and adding additional bones — because his height is not match with the donor. But it’s not end there. Physical fitness can’t be faked. He have to endure the same training like every other members in Gattaca. And he have to prove that he has the same physical capabilities like any other members. It’s a torture, every day torture, but he had to endure it, if he wants to go to space.

And he succeeded. Unlike his younger brother who has all of the potential but has no passion. He succeded to become elite members of Gattaca. He will go to space. His younger brother who always superior than him, cannot accept that. Working as a police officer, he found that his older brother is impersonating someone else in Gattaca. So both of them make a bet in a swim. A swim that always won by the younger brother due to his superior body. Swimming from the beach to the open sea. The first one that gave up and go back to the beach is the loser.

But this time, the older brother won. In the middle of the sea, when the younger brother finally gave up, he asked his older brother. How can you do that? — this question is not for the swim, but for all the amazing things his brother had done. And the older brother replied,

Do you wan’t to know how I did it?

This is how I did it. I never saved anything for the swim back.

That is a very strong and moving words for me. In life, I always wants to have an option. I rarely pick an option an stick with it till the end. I always saves for the swim back. I, in many times, always want another door open for me. Dan Ariely in his book Predictably Irrational called this as a human tendency to keep doors open. Even if those option is not in line with my goal in life. I just want it there, open, to look at, to peek at, to wish for.

Life is a matter of making decission. We make a decission in every second of our lives. Set your goal in life, open the necessary doors — the one you love and where your passion belong — and close the unworthy ones.



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    This site rocks!

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