Living in a Box

At the end of each semester. Every students will face the same thing. A pile of assignments that needs to be done. And since I need to raise some money to eat proper food, I also work for my labs. Unfortunately I’ve been assigned two jobs that requires a lot of time to do it. First is Wimax, I knew that this product is near it’s final stage. Just need a little bit of touch of hardwork for another six months, and I believe that Indonesia will enjoy it’s new wireless system. Second is joint project between ITB and Panasonic Labs Singapore. It also six months project and I have to manage six undergraduate students. And I still have my own assignments.

Works and assignments. That’s why, since the beginning of this year, I pratically living in this 1.5×1.5 square meters of cubicle, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to get the jobs done. Pile of books, notes on the wall, bento box, and another pile of books, two working computer, and if you see under the table, you’ll see two pairs of sandals, two pair of shoes, don’t ask me why I have thwo pairs each. I don’t know.

Cramped Table

But I like it. I love what I’m doing, and some times when I get bored, I just grab my camera and take a walk. Or just take a walk. See things.


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