[aDiP] Random Morning

It’s been so long that I made a post about pictures or photography, and also I haven’t update my day in picture project in ages. So this is it, a day in picture post.

Red Button

This is a trackpoint button found on IBM ThinkPad. I don’t really know why they don’t follow general rule in making touchpad for mouse replacement, instead they made this tiny button that supposedly movable like a stick to get your cursor moving. Mouse click was done by another buttons found under the keyboard. Even though the trackpoint itself is great but I think that buttons position which is right below the trackpoint makes people have to fold their thumb under their index finger to access it. This is a bad practice and very inconvenient. Luckily I bough a portable mouse, so I don’t need to use it often.

Sari Roti Tag

This morning I managed to stop a bread seller. Usually they already past my house before I could shout them to stop. I bought a raisin white bread for a breakfast today. I think the price tag is rising sharply since the last time I bought it last year but why the government said that we have very low inflation last year?


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