Draw Holiday

Yesterday was a national holiday. A Hindu’s sacred day called Nyepi, it simply means to get quiet. In Bali, where most of the locals are Hindu’s, everyone are not allowed to go outside let alone make noise or hang around the beach. Even the airport is closed. Of of my friend, a true Balinese, says that if we go outside in Nyepi, we will be caught by a religious police called Pecalang and severely punished.

I don’t really have plans to spend that particular one day holiday, so I try to draw something based on Derek Lea book on using Photoshop to make ilustration. I’ve managed to fisnishes up two drawing, both of them are having retro kind of old look. These looks are achieved using technique called halftone. It employs dot or line pattern to managed the strengh of particular colors applied to the picture. Usually these lines are not perfectly aligned to the real sketch. For some people it’s ugly, but for others, that’s the beauty of halftoning.

The first picture is some kind of advertisement. It uses a dot pattern and bold simple colors to achieve it retro looks. Some imperfections is added to give authentic look.


The second one still using halftone technique, but it uses line pattern instead of dot. I add a realistic picture of moon in upper right corner to give some night touch.


Learning something is giving me a great pleasure especially if it stimulates my other part of the brain that I think I rarely use.



  1. narpen
    Posted Maret 17, 2010 at 8:10 pm | Permalink | Balas

    lovely, piq.. i do really like #1 picture.
    where did u find the book? inet or ordinary bookshop?

  2. Posted Maret 19, 2010 at 6:55 am | Permalink | Balas

    ayo fiq sering2 nggambar .. ^^

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