[aDiP] Bubur Ayam


This morning, I felt very hungry. My stomach is growling, craving to digest. I decided to go out into the morning sun and find something to eat. And then I found this. A nice fragnance of chiken porridge. It has a lot of toppings, like small slices of chiken, bread crumbs, polong beans, tiny slices of celery, and crushed emping. The portion is just right for breakfast, not too much that can make your morning stomach hurt. It’s pretty cheap also, only with Rp.9000 (a little less that a dollar) you already get this delicious porridge complete with eggs and chiken liver satay.

Oh, did I already mention that it’s very delicious? Hmm yummy.


I’ve come to remember that some time ago, the mother of my friend was asking a question in her blog, what’s your breakfast menu. Today I could answer that I had a chicken porridge for breakfast. At least for today, as I rarely have breakfast since I’m in college.



  1. Posted Mei 5, 2010 at 12:18 pm | Permalink | Balas

    Chicken porridge? It’s very yummy….make me hungry….

    • Posted Mei 11, 2010 at 7:49 am | Permalink | Balas

      Iya Bu enak, tapi ada satu yang disayangkan yaitu bungkusnya pakai styrofoam. Selain tidak biodegradable juga diindikasikan karsinogen.

      Lain kali kalau beli harus bawa rantang sendiri.

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