Khan is Not a Terrorist

I watched a movie called My Name is Khan last night. It’s a great movie. Frankly, at first I thought that, this movie ended 10 minutes after it’s started, when he said the famous phrase to the airport officers, “My name is Khan, and I’m not a terrorist“. And leaving only a normal Indian love story for the rest minutes of the movie.

My name is Khan, and I’m not a terrorist.

But no. The story continues. It goes deeper than saying that message. It also shows, the consequences. To become a muslim. To say the syahadat words that we recite at least nine times a day. The consequences that I, myself, often forget because I live in muslim majority country.

And for some, those consequences is hard and painful. Death, losing of the loved one. Both parties cope with the loss in two different ways. One expressed them in anger, and the other one expressed them in care for others. Both are not wrong, because that’s what human are.

But the complication and emotion that has been successfully built up until half of the movie is gone at the rest half of it. For me, it’s just too simple and mediocre. Helping other people, caught on TV, the heroine watch the hero’s struggle, and get together again. It’s plain. Too much movies already did that.

In terms of cinematography technique, the movie was great. You can notice the exploitation of extreme wide-angle lens throughout the movie. The color rendition is good too. It’s feels like watching Pantone color picture. Surreal.

Even though that there’s some ideas of the stories that I cannot accept, like the marriage between a muslim and hindu, which is not acceptable according to muslim law, and not so good ending, it’s still a great movie. In ideas, it’s cinematography techniques, its actors, and how the story was told.

“Khan, you’re not a terrorist“.


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  1. iqbalbae
    Posted Mei 17, 2010 at 4:57 pm | Permalink | Balas

    a great movie. I also watched “3 idiots” and “wake up, sid!”. great Indian movies. 😀

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