Humble Sensei

This morning, when I rode my bike against the chilly wind to do my exercise, I stumbled upon an old person, eagerly bring a portable stair and start to cut the bushes in front of health centre. He cut it while smiling like it was the best job on earth. I said hi to him,”Ohayo gozaimasu…” while I rode past. He answered it with a happy tone and bright smile that made me also smile back to him.

After I finish my jogging, he came to the room and start to clean the glass window. I did not really pays much attention to him because I have to catch my breath. I sat down, and start to exercise again. He cleans the window close to me.

And then he asked me, at first in Japanese. I kept silent, try to decipher his words. Then I told him my favorite Japanese phrase,”Ahh, gomennasai, nihonggo wakaranai…”. Then in my surprised, he repeats his questions in fluent and elegant English,”Where are you come from?”. And then we talked about the time when he visited Indonesia and Bandung. Apparently, he is a senior professor researching in biomechanics and ergonomics. He then told me some of his research and what kind of benefits that people can take from his reasearch. He continued to clean the window. I ditch my exercise and start to help swept the floor.

It was just a simple conversation, and we don’t talked that much, but I respect him instantly. The thing that I admire the most from him is that, even though he is a senior professor, he still doing cleaning chores, and enjoys it wholeheartedly. I hope that I have a heart like him.

When I left with my bike, I saw him back in the health center, pouring water in the floor and start mopping. With a smile in his face.



  1. Andjas
    Posted Desember 24, 2010 at 8:43 pm | Permalink | Balas

    keren abis senseinya.
    Kl juraganku sih cuma suruh2 aja, maklum bawain tiap hari manajer….

  2. narpen
    Posted Desember 24, 2010 at 8:43 pm | Permalink | Balas

    saya terperangah.

  3. Rahmat
    Posted Desember 24, 2010 at 10:51 pm | Permalink | Balas

    saya juga terperangah, kalo dosen disini boro-boro kek gitu, padahal sama-sama penjajah.. (analogiygkuranglogis)

  4. Posted Desember 25, 2010 at 12:10 pm | Permalink | Balas

    Kelihatannya budaya Jepang membuat orang menyukai kebersihan dan tak segan untuk bersih-bersih, betapapun tinggi jabatannya.
    Saya pernah baca blognya Fety di sini
    yang menceritakan tentang kebudayaan Jepang tentang bersih-bersih.

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